How Much Does It Cost:


When Do You Deliver:

We deliver to Broken Hill NSW 2880 within 2-3 business days.


When Do I Need My Order In By:

We will deliver your order within 2 working days. If you have missed the cut off date you can call us on 08 80870 032 to see if we can place a late order.

If you are wishing to place a bulk order of meat (30kg or more)  you will need to place your order by the Monday prior to guarantee your delivery. 

Do I need to be home for the delivery:

You do not need to be home for your delivery and it does not require a signature. We simply Leave it at your door for your convenience. When checking out there is a notes section. You can leave instructions on access.

Raw Meat and Cooked Products:

If you wish to order Raw Meat, Cooked Meat or any other chilled products we suggest you leave out an esky or cooler bag for your cold products to help maintain their integrity and freshness, especially in warmer months. Leaving ice, ice packs or freezing a bottle of water is recommended in the esky. We can provide an esky $5 of charge. We will not be liable for products once they have been delivered.


Loss & Damage:

We are not liable for any loss or damage in relation to the consumption of our goods once they have been delivered. Though we provide guidelines as to the storage of out products, we are unable to ensure compliance after delivery and therefore can not be held liable once the product has left our possession.

Products are not returnable unless they are not fit for the purpose or show a manufacturing fault. However, if there is a problem with any of your products, please give us a call as soon as possible.